Welcome to Maria Siddha Medical College & Hospital

Maria Siddha Medical College is established by Maria Educational and Charitable Trust. This concern is located in Kanyakumari district at Thiruvattar. The Siddha medical college and Hospital is situated at 6 km from the town Marthandam located in the National Highway NH47 Connecting Kanyakumari and Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala state. Maria Educational and Charitable Trust is a public charitable trust established and registered in the year 2010, with the objective of making quality education comparable to international standards to the public at reasonable cost.

Siddha medicine is a traditional system of healing which is originated in South India. It is considered as one of the oldest medicinal system of India .The Siddha system is based on a combination of ancient medicinal practices and spiritual disciplines as well as alchemy and mysticism. Siddha system is based on five elements and that are exists in nature namely earth, water, fire, air, and ether, all of which form the original basis of all corporeal things. It is believed that there is an intimate connection between the macrocosm of the external world and the microcosm of the corporeal being. In the human body the element of earth is present in the bone, flesh, nerves, skin, and hair; the element of water is present in bile, blood, semen, glandular secretions, and sweat; the element of fire is present in hunger, thirst, sleep, beauty, and indolence; the element of air is present in contraction, expansion, and motion; and the element of ether is present in the interstices of the stomach, heart, neck, and head.